Infection Control Nurse


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There are multiple infection control and cleaning principles that we will teach you in this course. Some examples include:

  1. High To Low
  2. Clean To Dirty
  3. Cleaning Vs Disinfecting
  4. Taking Off A Mask

Each of these are important principles to ensure that you don’t just move germs from one place to another, but actually REMOVE them from the surface or avoid contaminating yourself!

High to Low

We always clean from the highest surfaces to the lowest. Why do you think this might be? Think about a dirty fridge. If you cleaned the bottom shelf first, and splashes from cleaning the higher shelves will land on the bottom (clean) shelf and you will need to re-clean it. Wiping surfaces higher up first ensures that GERM particles that fall from higher areas are cleaned up as you move to the lower areas.

Clean to dirty

You wouldn’t start cleaning a bathroom by cleaning the toilet first and then moving with the same cloth to the sink, and wiping the handles of the taps. If you want your wine glasses to shine, you don’t wash your greasy pot in the dish water first, and then the glasses last. So the same principles apply. Clean to Dirty. For example we clean the head of a bed first, and the foot of the bed last where the dirty shoes have been.

Cleaning or Disinfecting

Taking off a mask

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