Infection Control Nurse

Infection Control Course

This course has been put together by Registered Nurses with a keen interest in infection control and cleaning. With a pandemic upon us, it is more important now than ever before to ensure we are cleaning our workplaces effectively; in fact the government is insisting that we do.

This course is designed to provide more detail around basic infection control principles and how to clean effectively and is written for anyone wanting to better understand

  • how infection spreads,
  • how you can protect yourself and others from infection, and
  • how to clean a work environment in order to reduce the spread of infection.

We will also provide you with some templated cleaning schedules for modification and use within your workplace.

Unless otherwise stated, all information from this course is drawn from the following organisations:

  • The Australian Government Department of Health
  • Safe Work Australia
  • The World Health Organisation (WHO)
  • Australian Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Infection in Healthcare, Canberra: National Health and Medical Research Council (2019)

Please Note

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  • If in the unlikely circumstance that you are not deemed competent, you will receive an email conveying this, along with feedback from your assessor.
  • You will have the opportunity to resubmit your answers to the quiz questions.
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