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How do I protect myself and the work environment?

This section will answer the following questions:

  1. How do I stop the spread of germs?
  2. How do I perform hand hygiene?
  3. When do I perform hand hygiene?
  4. How do I use personal protective equipment (PPE)?

AVOID CONTACT with people who are unwell

In the workplace this means not allowing sick staff to come to work, and asking customers/patients who are unwell to leave.

This is your best line of defence and is the reason for the ‘social distancing’ rules during the current pandemic.

And if someone unwell does attend and potentially contaminates your workplace, ensure thorough cleaning afterwards.


When cleaning, you are coming into contact with germs ALL THE TIME

The BEST thing you can do to stop spreading these germs is to PERFORM HAND HYGIENE

HOW do I perform hand hygiene?

  • If your hands are VISIBLY SOILED, wash your hands with soap and water (warm or cold) for a minimum of 20 seconds, OR
  • If not visibly soiled, use alcohol based handrub (AHBR) and rub until dry (the rub MUST contain alcohol)
  • The World Health Organisation (WHO) has published a specific routine to follow

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Alcohol hand-based rub is the gold standard in hand hygiene and should be used UNLESS your hands are visibly soiled. Always make sure your alcohol hand based rub contains a MINIMUM of 70% alcohol to be effective. If you want to learn more about hand hygiene, visit the National Hand Hygiene Initiative website where you can learn more and complete a hand hygiene e-learning module:
HHA - Work Safe and Clean


Did you know the average person touches their face 23 times per hour!* Start noticing how often you do this – you may be surprised.


At certain times, you should also wear

  • Gloves (protect hands)
  • Gown/apron (protect body/clothing)
  • Eyewear (protect eyes from germ and solution splashes)
  • Face mask (protect nose/mouth from inhaling germs and solution splashes) and take it off appropriately

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Perform hand hygiene as often as you can manage.. between serving customers or when moving from one table to another during food service, after touching equipment or something a customer has touched e.g. an EFTPOS machine.

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